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One night the hotel kept her awake. She doesn’t really need to sleep. In fact, her body is designed to go weeks without sleep, so this is not unusual. The more worrying thing is, one morning she tried to wash her hands and the smell of soap made her mind unfocus, and the next thing she knew she was back in bed gasping for air, and then she was either sleeping or wishing to be asleep, alternating, for the rest of the day.

Her projections are at the most unhealthy they’ve ever been. An idea that calms her is the beauty of God’s creation destroyed. She imagines a lighter in her hands, a nuclear flame. The trees have rotted already, one by one around her. On Pegasus, she used to sleep on the fallen branches as they died. A pile of red-brown foliage crinkled underneath her like a makeshift bed, and she crushed a handful of papery leaves in her hand, and they whispered, “thank you, thank you for letting us go.”

A small fire endures pleasantly in the center of her mind. This is her choice: when does the fire grow, and how far, and will there be anything left?

- Glass Slipper by nicoleanell

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(via Marc Johns: would you like to compare favourite mystery novels with a briefcase?)


(via Marc Johns: would you like to compare favourite mystery novels with a briefcase?)

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Keeping Up Appearances 2x1 (“The Strange Man”)

Richard: I can’t just go out there and stare at Elizabeth’s house!

Hyacinth: No, of course you mustn’t stare, dear, we’re not ones to pry! Now, I shall pretend to see you off to work. You will turn and wave, as you normally do.

Richard: Do I normally turn and wave?

Hyacinth: You will turn and wave, Richard! This will give an opportunity to cast your eye over Elizabeth’s house.

Richard: Well, what if I don’t see it?

Hyacinth: Then you will pretend that you have forgotten something and you will return to the house. And then we’ll do it all over again!

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Community, “Remedial Chaos Theory” (s03e04)


Troy’s timeline was the best. This episode reminded me why I love Community so much.

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