The white patch on the black cat
I just found a missing cat.

I saw the ad on Facebook, someone from my part of town had lost a cat. I shared the status, but then I had this feeling like I must go and *I* must find him. I went out, looked under every bush and tree and car in that area, and I found him. 

He was hiding under a tree (with bushes around it, so he was completely hidden) in his own backyard. It was 10 PM, but I called the owner right away, and she came out in her nightie. The cat was super panicky, like Osku was when he fell out the window. He was wiggling to get away from her and she had to call her husband. I didn’t leave until she said he’s coming and I can go home. She was so happy, like I would be if Osku was found. 

WTF was that? Am I some kind of cat searcher? Was it God telling me to go find him? 

Or am I just crazy and too invested in strangers’ cats and found him by looking in the most likely place? 

Either way, that was a really odd situation. 

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